My favorite firefighter calls me mom face mask


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My favorite firefighter calls me mom face mask

 I am currently based at my family home in Swansea, Wales during the Welsh lockdown. I do my coursework in my bedroom.

How has the pandemic affected your studies?

This pandemic has been tough on me mentally and physically in my personal life and also within my studies. I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said it was easy doing virtual lessons, but the past year has taught me how to care for myself and to produce illustrations to distract myself from this ongoing situation that makes me anxious from the daily news I digest throughout the days of this pandemic.

Negatives really stem from the change of habits I have had to make to adjust to how virtual learning is today.

What do you miss?

I miss having the opportunity to speak to people face to face without a face covering, I feel there is a connection between seeing and feeling emotion through faces and it's been tough being used to this current situation with socialising when attending university lectures with peers and lecturers using masks.

How are you finding remote studying?

My experiences with online teaching have been a learning curve. I have never really enjoyed learning a practice-based course through virtual learning but I have made my best efforts in attending and learning as much as I can in a restricted environment. It is quite challenging but it has become easier throughout the months.

What are you working on?

During the past two months, I completed a project module through digital editorial illustrations recently, focussing on mindfulness and the well-being of the body. I wanted to focus on the topic of mental health and social media, finding positive practices you could partake in to distract yourself from a mobile phone or computer.




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