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Am I the only one who REALLY wants to see Jason Isaacs read a chapter? Maybe even split it with Tom Felton. 🙂 Chapter 6 was the best one yet! I loved having the multiple cast members participate.  This was the coolest experience, thanks for folding us into the larger narrative <3 been trying to do Ron's voice since I was his age
Wouldn't it be great if one of the actors who appeared in this chapter in the movie would read the chapter itself. I wanna see JK ROWLING! I hope she will be here too Would love to hear Toby Regbo read a chapter. He has the perfect voice for an audio book.  Good thing Luna removed the glasses,Ginny is still looking good! (I don't recognize the man,sorry) 3 people one chapter? Could've done 3 separate chapters, or a whole book by Bonnie!  I'm guessing this time around they probably did it that way because it's one of the longer chapters