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 Isle Of Dogs (Disney+)

If it worked the first time, might as well try again. Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s second dabbling into the stop motion world, tells the story of Atari, a boy who goes searching for his dog on an island, where many dogs were exiled after an outbreak of the canine flu in Japan. He uses the assistance of the pack leader to somehow find him.

Anderson does a spectacular job with the stop motion yet again. It wasn’t a colorful as his first entry on this list, but the style has been upgraded and you can tell straight away that this is a modern stop motion film. The movements feel smoother, the story a bit better, and everything melds well together like a well-oiled machine. And yet again, this voice cast is amazing. Bryan Cranston takes on the starring role, alongside co-stars like Edward Norton, Greta Gerwig, Jeff Goldblum, and more.

Stream it on Disney+ here.Rent it here.

Frankenweenie (Disney+)

Now, if you’ve ever lost a dog, this one is certainly relatable. Frankenweenie, another great stop motion film by Tim Burton, is about a young boy using the power of electricity to bring back his dead Bull Terrier, but of course, the rest of the town finds out and wants to know his secrets.

Frankenweenie is not only a great parody of Frankenstein, but it also has a lot of heart. Anyone who has ever gone through the loss of a pet has surely experienced the wish to somehow bring them back. This story explores how that might happen and the consequences of those actions. For a kid’s movie, it goes surprisingly deep. Nerdy Doormat 

Stream Frankenweenie on Disney+ here.Rent it here.

Chicken Run (Peacock)

Oh, Chicken Run. I have so many feelings about this movie but we’ll talk about that in a bit. Chicken Run, released back in 2000, centers around a group of chickens who all begin to follow a rooster named Rocky, as he might be their only way out of certain death of becoming chicken pies by their owners.

Chicken Run is a movie you might not expect to be good, but once you give it a shot, this is one of the funniest stop motion films you will ever watch. The jokes land consistently and will have you laughing throughout the movie, even though the lead characters are literally just a bunch of chickens. The voice cast is great as well, with stars like Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha taking on the lead roles. Also, this movie grossed $224.8 million, which became the highest-grossing stop motion film. There has to be a reason for that, and I believe Chicken Run is most certainly worth the time to watch.




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