Surviving social distancing one book at a time face mask


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Surviving social distancing one book at a time face mask

 Once you've got a few characters on your team, you can start taking on Legion Online's various missions. We played through a few, ranging from simple solo jobs like you might see in the single-player campaign, to more complex four-player offerings. Cooperative missions often require some fairly close teamwork, and in our experience, Legion Online is not the kind of game you want to dig deep into without the benefit of a microphone for communication.

In one mission, our team was sent to free a vigilante who was being interrogated by Albion troops in a construction site. Our goal was to infiltrate the site, find the vigilante, and get him out, and like in the single-player game, the options for doing that were pretty broad. We could hack surveillance cameras to identify the site's defenses, send in spider bots to hack doors and disconnect security systems, and overload fuse boxes and steam pipes to set traps for patrolling goons. While stealth was always an option, our team could never quite get it together, and the mission turned into a massive shootout against Albion troops and drones about halfway through.

The upshot of having a team full of other players is that you also have a bunch of guns on your side when things go south. Legion Online is a solid third-person shooter, and four-player combat makes for some intense situations. Coordinating with teammates to bring a diverse set of weapons and skills means you can have one teammate specialize in hacking drones and turning them friendly while another disables enemies' guns or sneaks up on them. The opportunities for working together, bringing in specialized characters, and fulfilling specific roles in your squad brings an element of creativity to Watch Dogs: Legion Online that adds a lot of fun to the idea of teaming up with friends. Missions are pretty open-ended, so working together to figure out how best to approach them is always a part of the experience.




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