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 “It was like a war film,” Martini said. “We were completely alone.”

Surrounded by vineyards and farmland, the town of 3,270 people nestled against Monte Venda has long enjoyed bucolic isolation. But by three days after Trevisan’s death, its isolation was ensured by government decree: Rome dispatched soldiers to seal the town’s 12 access roads. Blockades were also set up around the 10 towns near Milan where the other early case of local transmission was confirmed.

“There was a sense of bewilderment, I would call it,’’ said Dr. Luca Rossetto, one of the practitioners in Vo. “Even myself, with an old specialization in preventative hygiene, should have the right mindset. But there was an absolute disorientation.”

Rossetto reviewed his recent cases and realized he had seen seven people in the previous days with pneumonia-like symptoms. A week later, the 69-year-old physician himself was hospitalized with the virus, a light case from which he recovered. just a girl who loves books face mask

Veneto Gov. Luca Zaia, meanwhile, instinctively ordered blanket testing for all of the residents of Vo, with the aim of understanding the outbreak’s origin. That he was even able to make such a call is thanks to the foresight of University of Padua virologist Andrea Crisanti, who had ordered the necessary tools after the virus appeared in China. Many places around the world struggled to institute testing so quickly.

Crisanti recognized that there would be value in testing the entire town immediately after the contagion was confirmed and then again after two weeks. And his work offered early insight into how the virus spread — clarity that Crisanti said was never properly translated into action.

The results of the first round of nasal swab tests, available on Feb. 27, showed that nearly 3% of the population had been infected. That indicated that the virus had been circulating in the town since the end of January, according to Crisanti.

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