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Horse Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open poster


 front of the Office of the Attorney General in Carson City, Nev., on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021.

Despite law enforcement concerns of potentially violent protests at state capitols across the nation, Nevada's grounds were remarkably quiet on Sunday.

With spring-like picnic weather, the only people gathered at or near the Capitol were a group of news reporters and a lone protester with a handwritten "Trump lost! Be adults. Go home," sign. 

A handful of Capitol Police were seen outside the Nevada Legislature. Several officers from Carson City Sheriff's Office stood guard outside the Nevada Attorney General's offices as well. 

"It’s been nice and quiet, there really hasn’t been a demonstration to speak of," said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong.

He noted that the office will continue to staff the area appropriately throughout the week as the presidential inauguration nears.

– Terell Wilkins, Jenny Kane and Kristin Oh, The Reno Gazette Journal

Protest? What protest? Nevada Capitol quiet on Sunday despite law enforcement concerns

Safety Measures: Nevada law enforcement working to ensure security at state Capitol ahead of inauguration

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