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 I live at Green Park House [student accommodation]. The first two lockdowns were easy because I was very active and my life would have been the same outside of lockdown: attached to the computer screen, working.

This third lockdown is being more difficult. Biorhythms have altered, insomnia has come and everything is like a continuous night. I feel lucid and strong, but I also feel like I'm holding a very heavy slab above my shoulders.

As a visual artist, being locked with my mind in the studio is something I know and manage well. My work studio in Spain was full of birds flying loose, which brought me a lot of joy. From my anonymous space, with them, we emitted a wave of love to the quantum field. Now there is their emptiness and I will never see them again because they flew free.

Working at Green Park House awakens synergies and joint projects in various fields of art and music with my housemates. I live in all the spaces of Green Park House in an amplified way. For example, whenever I have meetings, presentations for the university or job interviews, I go to the business room, a large open space with elegant furniture, which is located at the entrance and I have views of the park. I love that space.

How has the pandemic affected your studies?

Working from home gives me a high level of intimacy and concentration, thought generation and creativity. It has saved me time travelling. But this has also reduced my body movement. Besides that, my dance classes were cancelled.





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