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 The 37-year-old also wore a shimmery gold and silver bralette and matching lehenga, another peach-pink outfit featured a high-low skirt with bunches of feathers placed sporadically all over and a blouse with huge feather-laden sleeves.

Another post had Katrina's response to how her roots have shaped her up as an actor, with her saying, "I think how you are, inherently shapes you as an actor. How you see life, what you understand of it, what you practice also adds to it." Speaking about acting as a craft, the Bang Bang actor responded, "Experiences and empathy are an actor's greatest assets. Once you know how to channel that, you can slip under the skin of any character, internalize it and think like them."

The makeup mogul was also quoted as saying, "I feel challenges are a part of every process. You either learn to tackle it and move forward or you feel stuck. Complacency is the death of inspiration. It is important to make sure you are connected to what you are doing."

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