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Santa Claus Christmas Hawaiian Shirt

 It's not that that Judaism hasn't engaged with cannabis beyond the kosher/not kosher question. There's a debate about whether the weed is mentioned explicitly in the Torah. For instance, one very important rabbi, Aryeh Kaplan, notes that among the spices they used for the oil with which they anointed the High Priest was "kanneh bossem", fragrant reed, which rabbi Kaplan claims may be cannabis. Archeological digs in Israel that discovered domestic and local altars—bamahs—found traces of cannabis being burnt, presumably as offering.

To me, it goes deeper still. It's well-known in Hebrew rabbinical thoughts that all weeds and herbs have been uniquely blessed with the ability to heal. And there you have this weed with tremendous beneficial powers that's been ignored for centuries and then disparaged and maligned and cast aside. But as we learn from Psalms: "The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." The world is changing—this rejected herb is becoming the cornerstone of so much beneficial treatment, helping so many people who are sick.

So sure, you can say I'm on a mission. I want to bring this medicine available to more people—certainly to people who would consider using cannabis to ease their pain but are holding back because of religious reasons or stigma. But I also want to help break the barrier. I know this couple in my neighborhood whose baby was having seizures, like 300 seizures a day! We suggested they should try Charlotte's Web CBD. They said "No, it's cannabis, we went to a Rabbi and he said no." The seizures went on, the kid ended up with brain damage, the parents got divorced because the father couldn't handle it anymore, and this stigma, this prejudice, deeply damaged a child and broke up a family. It's a terrible situation. There are countless stories like this. My mission is to remove the stigma and make this medicine more broadly available.




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