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the Indiana State House in Indianapolis on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021, on the day pro-Trump protests were expected to take place across the nation.

Downtown Indianapolis streets remained quiet Sunday.

Just after 2 p.M., there were no signs of protesters at the Indiana Statehouse, Monument Circle or other downtown locations that typically play host to such demonstrations.

Outside the Statehouse, members of the media outnumbered the dog walkers, joggers and other Hoosiers out for a stroll along North Capitol Avenue.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers, who have been coordinating with federal authorities in the lead-up to Wednesday's inauguration, made their presence felt Sunday. Marked and unmarked patrol cars, often in pairs, cruised through Monument Circle and parked at key points near the city's major gathering points. Many windows on the Circle also were boarded, an increasingly common sight in Indianapolis.

Chris Bavender, a spokeswoman for the FBI's Indianapolis office,  said Sunday morning there were no substantiated threats of violence but “all agencies continue to monitor the situation.”

– Justin L. Mack, Indianapolis Star

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