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There isn’t a charge in this world that can make this daddy feel anymore guilty than he clearly already does. I can’t fathom the absolute hell he must be living- it breaks my heart for him and the entire family. This is a scenario that has always horrified me because I have always worked night shift and manned my kiddos solo after spending 12 hours caring for other people’s critically ill children. When my oldest was born, I made myself get in the habit of walking around the back of my car every single time I got out just in case I forgot her in my sleep deprived state. I followed suit after her brother and sister joined us, too. This could very easily have been any of us. While everyone may not have a new car right this second, why not go ahead and institute these systems so they will be in place from here on out?! If even one child is saved, it’s worth every red cent!
I would hazard to guess and say if you are a parent, you’ve done some things in hindsight, that could’ve had terrible consequences. We are not perfect. A houseful of adults, all watching kids and one slips away. This was my daughter, my special girl. We were vacationing in the mountains and she just quietly walked away from us. Found Catharine sitting by a bridge, alone , by the road! It wasn’t neglect. I remember that guilt and thinking of the “what if’s” for a very long time. Let’s not cast stones , unless you are perfect. I certainly haven’t achieved Jesus status in almost 30 years of parenting! I haven’t witnessed a second coming so...