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I don't always drink when I'm camping oh wait yes I do Tank top
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Having grown up in Western NC, I never thought about hurricanes, until Hugo. I lived in my little apartment in Lenoir when he rolled through. 100 MPH winds... I was scared to death! I left for The Bahamas 2 days later... they were spared. Then 23 years ago I moved to Greenville ... I think this was storm 15 for me now. I cannot begin to imagine the horror the people in the Abacos are living. My heart in now in Eastern NC, but there is also a piece that holds Man O War and the rest of Abaco ever so dear. Please , help if you can. There are wish lists on Amazon that can be ordered and sent to Albury Boat Works in Florida... the are family to many on Man O War. I know this is legit and will get directly to the people. Please, help in any way you can...
We thought about y’all and said our prayers. They said you were under a tornado watch and we prayed. I believe as you God does not play favorites. He does give us opportunity to play kindness. Amen sister, Amen. We must be thankful for what we have and be generous with what we have. Just last year Wilmington was an island of and on for 10 days. In Fran, my sister had 49 inches of water in her house. In Floyd. I knew a man, far from landfall of the storm, in Rocky Mount who lost his home and his business. Life is a vapor and we must cherish and share every minute